Holy Moly videos were created to introduce children to Bible stories through a strong emphasis on humor, fresh perspectives, and the experiences of people in the Bible. The Holy Moly videos present stories using an animated form of pantomime, with sound effects and minimal narration, using visual elements to interpret and understand stories in new ways, and the use of color in Holy Moly videos helps direct children’s attention to the important elements within the story. Perfect for ages 3 to 8. 

Parent guides to pairing the Holy Moly Bible, picture books, and DVDs can be found here.

The complete set contains:
Creation, Noah’s Ark, and Other Bible Stories
Baby Moses, Jonah, and Other Bible Stories
Jesus at the Temple, the Good Samaritan, and Other Bible Stories
Jesus Feeds 5,000, Mary and Martha, and Other Bible Stories
Jesus Ascends, Saul Meets Jesus, and Other Bible Stories
The Holy Moly Easter Story Collection
The Holy Moly Christmas Story Collection

Total retail value: $104.93
  • ISBN: 9781506427492
  • Brand: Holy Moly
  • Publication Date: Thursday, November 10, 2016